Machines for mozzarella, pizza cheese and string cheese

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Compact machines

Compact machine with cutting, stretching and moulding sections

Compact machines with hot water operation | UNICA 600
Machine suitable to produce different kinds of pasta filata cheese.
This machines allows you to produce


Pizza Cheese


It’s optimal for the small production realities.

Production capacity

Up to 600 kg/h (in according to the moisture degree and size of finished product).

Technical features

Dimensions: 2600x1350x2200 (h).
Electrical power: 6 kW.
Weight: 770 kg.


Machine composed by 4 working sections: - cutting of the raw material - curd stretching - production of hot water needed for stretching - moulding of finished product. The curd is inserted in the cutting section manually where is placed a cutting disk with blades that proceed to the cutting of the curd which falls down to the cooking compartment. The stretching section, designed with double chamber, is equipped with a couple of augers for stretching and advancing of the cheese mass towards the final stretching section where is placed a couple of dipping arms needed to give to the cheese mass the desired fribrousness. During the passing inside the cooking section, the curd is treated with hot water produced by a system installed on the machine. The water temperature can be adjusted by the operator. The cheese mass, once achieved the right degree of stretching, is sent to the moulding section made with heated double chamber. The cheese mass introduced in the hopper is pushed, through the action of two augers with adjustable speed, to the final moulding section, where is positioned a moulding drum. The drum is composed by alveolus with different diameter and shape in according to production needs.

Main construction features

The machine is fully made in stainless steel AISI304 and the parts in contact with the product are covered by a film of Teflon synthetized at high temperature. The machine is designed in compliance to the CEE regulations in force, which involves an easy demounting of all parts in contact with the product and favoring the cleaning and sanitation operations. The machine is equipped of all the safeties needed for the operator.

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